Вакансія / Job vacancy

Senior React + React Native



Інструменти Вимоги / Tools Requirements

React, React Native, JEST, TypeScript, Redux, CSS, Postman, Docker, agile methodologies (TFS, JIRA, Github)

Мова / Language


Рівень мови /
Language level


Локація / Location

Europe, Bulgaria, Georgia, Turkey/Remote

Навички / Skills

6 років / years

Зарплата / Salary

Up to 6000$


Responsible  for  building  performant,  Single  Page  Applications  (SPAs)  using  React  and  hybrid  mobile applications  on IOS and  Android platforms using  React native. Responsible for  building complex front end features  based  on specs and high-fidelity designs, with a responsive user  interface that runs smoothly and efficiently on all modern browsers. Responsible for architecting and building these applications to be module, reusable, scalable, efficient and secure.

Front End Design and Architecture:

  • Take  a  holistic  approach  to  feature-development  beyond  look  and  feel, keeping in mind future-scalability and extensibility 
  • Build  pixel-perfect,  buttery  smooth  UI  across  mobile  platforms  (IOS  and Android) 
  • Build pixel-perfect, smooth, responsive websites across all modern browsers on all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linus, Native mobile browsers) 
  • Leverage native APIs for deep and efficient integration with Android and IOS 
  • Handle product releases and distribution on Google Plan and Apple Store 
  • Maintain  code  and  write  automated  tests  to  ensure  the  products  is  of  the highest quality 
  • Able  to  integrate  with  3rd  party  systems  and  APIs  such  as  Google  Pay  and Apple Pay 
  • Design  and  implement  functional,  scalable,  modular  and  reusable  programs and components using industry standards 
  • Deliver complex features that are perceived as well-baked and bug-free 

Implementation, Validation and Verification:

  • Write clean and efficient code using ReactJS and React – Native 
  • Diagnose and fix bugs and performance bottlenecks 
  • Investigate and execute any third party dependencies 
  • Collaborate with your team to review and debug code 

Project Management:

  • Identify, prioritize and execute tasks in agile iterations 
  • Implement  best  practices,  standards,  and  procedures  including  quality  and delivery methodologies 
  • Follow up with relevant team for collaborative project requirements 

Technical Documentation:

  • Provide well-documented, clean and code 
  • Document development phases and monitor systems 
  • Create software and application operating procedures when needed  

Stakeholder Management: 

  • Collaborate with third parties when needed 
  • Meet  with  technology  managers  to  determine  application  and  website  initial and ongoing requirements 
  • Assist and support other team members on multiple projects Continuous Learning 
  • Ensure up to date on all new software language and specifications 
  • Ensure continual expertise on legacy and basic software requirements


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related field 

Preferred Experience: 

  • 6-8 years of professional experience 

Job-Specific Skills: 

  • Extensive experience in React and React Native languages 
  • Extensive writing unit tests with JEST and working with TypeScript 
  • Good command over state-management techniques and tools – especially Redux 
  • Good command over flex-based CSS layouts, and knowledge of styled props is an added bonus 
  • Experience working with Postman (or equivalent) for reading APIs and understanding consumption 
  • Extensive experience with agile methodologies (TFS, JIRA, Github) 
  • Proven knowledge of design patterns, distributed systems, and integration testing 
  • Familiarity with Docker is an asset 
  • Excellent project management, problem solving and high-level verbal and written communication skill

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