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The staff is everything!

Every successful company begins with the level of professionalism and cohesion of its employees. Assembling such a team is a rather time-consuming and complicated process. This is what our recruiting agency “Argument” helps our company-clients with – to hire the best specialists for them. This is what we can and love to do perfectly!

How do we do it?

First of all, it is necessary to understand the problem correctly to solve it qualitatively.

The competition for the qualified personnel in the IT market is so strong that rather the candidate who chooses the company and not vice versa.

Therefore, the appropriate and attractive presentation of the vacancy to the candidate is the essential part of a success.

The searching for a specialist begins with the discussion and collecting of the information about the vacancy, project, working conditions and the company itself. Every little detail matters.

Having formed the list of requirements, our recruiters start searching for and talking to the candidates. The company receives CVs of candidates for the declared vacancy from us within a few days. We also attach comments to every CV (if needed).

When we receive a feedback on first CVs and candidates, we arrange interviews with the company-client. We also clarify the requirements and adjust our searching process if necessary.

After conducting all stages of interviews with selected candidates, the company sends the offer to the best one, the candidate accepts the offer and starts working.

Hooray! The client-company is happy! The candidate is happy! We are happy! We make mutual settlements! (The procedure and stages of payment are negotiated with each company individually)

But we do not sit back! We are ready to provide a warranty replacement in case something goes wrong with this candidate during the trial period despite the reason. Well, and in parallel we work on your other vacancies. We also work in parallel on your other vacancies.

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Our recruiting agency “Argument” cooperates with a large number of IT companies throughout Ukraine. We always have a lot of interesting vacancies for IT specialists. Send your CV and we will definitely contact you back, answer all your questions and offer the vacancy of your dreams!