Вакансія / Job vacancy

Senior/Lead React Native



Інструменти Вимоги / Tools Requirements

React Native/ AWS/ Java Spring (Web, Security, Data JPA)/ Hibernate/ Elasticsearch/ PostgreSQL/ Firebase

Мова / Language


Рівень мови /
Language level


Локація / Location


Навички / Skills

5 років / years

Зарплата / Salary

Up to 8000$

Mobile platform (IOS, Android) fashion industry markeplace which unite together sellers, buyers as well and influencres all over the world. Development of a new project from scratch. English can be not fluent but at least to read documentation and messages in chat in English.

Tech stack: - AWS

- Java Spring (Web, Security, Data JPA)

- Hibernate

- Elasticsearch

- React native

- PostgreSQL

- Firebase


- Gsuite

- Slack

- GitLab

- Notion (документація+ таск трекінг)

- Figma

- Browserstack

- TestRail

About the project:

1. The company is a social content platform with peer-to-peer support and promotion.

2. Content creator sets the price, and the supporter gets promoted as the content owner alongside the original creator.

3. If a person who purchased the post is also a content creator, their content gets boosted through exposure to the more prominent profile.

4. The larger the follower count of a specific profile, the more exposure the owner of that content receives.

The team consists of:

2 BE, 3 React native, 2 manual QA, BA, 2 UX/UI, 1 ML dev, PM/SM

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Java Spring