Вакансія / Job vacancy

Payroll Account



Інструменти Вимоги / Tools Requirements

Мова / Language


Рівень мови /
Language level


Локація / Location

Hungary Budapest

Навички / Skills

1 рік / year

Зарплата / Salary

The field of activity of the company: IT-development.


- Higher education in accounting, economics or finance in Ukraine or Hungary.

- Experience as a Payroll Accountant from 1 year or more in Hungary (!).

- Knowledge of Hungarian accounting and tax legislation.

- Ability to work in Google Spreadsheets, Excel.

- Ability to work with accounting software (Kulcs-Soft or other software) is welcome.

- Willingness to work from an office in Budapest 5 days a week.

- Knowledge of Hungarian is a must, as well as Russian or Ukrainian. Communication in a team (about 10 people) mainly in Ukrainian and Russian. Knowledge of English is welcome.


- Calculation of wages - Control and payment of salaries to employees - Ensuring timely and accurate payment of taxes and fees on wages.

Working conditions: comfortable office in Budapest, decent salary (we will consider your wishes).

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