Вакансія / Job vacancy

Full Stack Developer



Інструменти Вимоги / Tools Requirements

Puthon, Typescript, AWS Serverless, React, GraphQL, Rockset, SQL.

Мова / Language


Рівень мови /
Language level


Локація / Location


Навички / Skills

5 років / years

Зарплата / Salary

Up to 4500$ gross

 Tech requirements:

  • Python,
  • AWS Serverless (Lambda, DynamoDB, AppSync),
  • React,
  • NextJS (13),
  • Typescript,
  • GraphQL,
  • Rockset,
  • SQL.

 Additional requirements (based on our experience):

  • Fluent English,
  • ready to work with Upwork auto tracker,
  • excellent communication skills,
  • proactive,
  • ability to independently manage workloads,
  • ready to work with legacy code,
  • availability to respond during non-working hours,
  • ready to work in a fast-paced and dynamically changing startup environment.

We need a Python expert, who has commercial experience in building python saas applications. The top tech priorities are Python and Typescript. Fluent English, excellent communication skills, experience working for start ups or working with data warehouses is a plus. They must also have at least 5 years of programming experience.

 What we offer:

 Benefits program:

  •  18 working days of fully paid vacation, 5 days compensated sick leaves;
  • Coverage of taxes and free tax reporting support by our Financial department;
  • Help with individual entrepreneurs’ questions and accounting support financial aid and additional days off for various occasions (e.g. marriage, childbirth, etc);
  • Internal educational events (WeThursdayYou);
  • Regular company updates from the CEO (Friday letter).

 Comfortable Working conditions:

  • Flexible working hours;
  • Provision of required equipment;
  • Hybrid working model (remote or from a cozy office in the Kyiv center);


To build community among our employees we keep going with:

  • Various corporate events (psychological training, based on employees’ needs to care about mental health, New Year celebration, summer party, team buildings, etc.);
  • Celebration of important personal and project milestones (project successes, B-days, anniversaries);
  • Open door culture (regular one-two-one meetings with HR/PM/Manager) morning online sports activities for all team members to care about physical health;
  • Support of team members during russian aggression (evacuation, safe accommodation in Western Ukraine, financial support for those who joined Armed Forces, donations, etc.).

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