Вакансія / Job vacancy

Embedded Software Engineer



Інструменти Вимоги / Tools Requirements


Мова / Language


Рівень мови /
Language level


Локація / Location


Навички / Skills

5 років / years

Зарплата / Salary


Description of responsibilities include, but is not limited to, the following:

- Participation in analysis and requirements engineering at the system and/or component level.

- Design and implement the software on bare-metal and RTOS based embedded systems.

- Development and support of factory test environments for board and system level testing.

- Compliance with the company’s source code style.

- Contribution to system and project documentation.


Must have:

- Minimum Bachelor’s degree in Electrical / Electronics / Computer Engineering or equivalent.

- Minimum 2 years of experience developing Embedded Linux systems in C.

- Minimum 2 years of experience developing real-time bare metal and / or RTOS-based microcontroller systems in C.

- Experience with timing-critical, battery-powered systems.

- Experience in low-level drivers (e.g., ADC, DMA, SPI, CAN, TIMERs, PWM, DAC, FLASH, WDG, etc.).

- Must have proficient experience with STM32 Cortex-Mx or other MCU like Arm7, Arm 9, and ARM11.

- Must have a good understanding of schematic design.

- Experience with GIT or other version control software.


- Experience with Linux is a plus.

- Experience with wireless protocols is a plus.

- Experience with digital signal processing is a plus.

- Good oral and written communication skills are a plus.

- Experience with lab tools such as logic analyzer, protocol analyzer, multimeter, and oscilloscope are a plus.

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