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Job Description

We are looking for an experienced full-stack engineer to develop and manage our web infrastructure. Successful candidates will have a minimum of 6 years’ recent experience with most of the skills listed below.


  • Design and implementation of the application for researchers and scientists
  • Design and deployment of database
  • Ensuring the entire stack is designed and built for speed and scalability
  • Design and construction of REST API
  • Integrating our front-end UI with the constructed API
  • Design and implementation of continuous integration and deployment


  • Six years’ experience with:
    • Database design and management, including being up on the latest practices and associated versions
    • Server management and deployment for the relevant environment
  • At least 4 years of experience with a relevant and globally supported framework (preferably Vue)
  • A relevant back-end programming language experience (preferable Node JS)
  • Experience implementing testing platforms and unit tests
  • Proficiency with Git or another version control system Appreciation for clean and well-documented code
  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science or equivalent
  • Has experience in application and cloud architecture and related technologies, especially Google Cloud Platform

Requirements: Vue.js - 5+ лет Опыт в REST API Опыт в Git

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