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Team Lead Full-Stack (Node+js)


We are looking for an experienced Fullstack JS / TL
- 3 to 5+ years background experience in a similar position
- JavaScript 5+ years
- Nodejs 3+ years
- Expirience of developing of Nodejs serverless solutions (AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, Firebase Cloud Functions etc.)
- Good knowladge of jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript
- Strong knowladge of the Agile/SCRUM methodologies
- Good understanding of enterprise integration patterns
- Banking/insurance/ERP experience
Optional skills:
- Experience of work with FintechOS (Configuration, customization, JS scripting)
- Understanding of DDD (data driven development)
- Understanding of ETL flow and ability to setup/design ETL processes
- Analysis, Design and Development of JS serverless solutions for FintechOS Platform;
- Responsible for software development solutions;
- Coordination of the teams designated on projects using the Agile / SCRUM methodologies;
- Coordination and development of source code software solutions using FintechOS Studio;

Android Developer

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