In different spheres, the crisis manifests itself at different times. We tried to identify a dozen professions that will be unclaimed earlier than others, and explain why it will happen this way.

1. Specialists in working with borrowers’ documents

The reason: their employment depends exactly on the same conditions as those of specialists in obtaining loans. No borrowers – no documents to work with.

Alternative: they won’t find a job in banks. You can try to move in this direction somewhere in the industry sector. In the automotive business, oil and gas, construction, engineering and so on …

Forecast: needed one year after the end of the crisis.

2. Banking specialists in loan processing

The reason: not all commercial banks will be able to receive unsecured loans from the Central Bank. Those who do not receive will not be able to give them out. In that case, why keep people who are called to give out what is not?

Alternative: it is hardly possible to retrain in the bank itself, while in other companies you can look for positions related to contractual work or with approvals (for example, real estate).

Forecast: will be needed again a year after the end of the crisis.

3. Securities analysts

Reason: their activities are directly related to the work of the stock market. In a situation where trades are often simply closed, analysts have no jobs, they feel unstable. There are fewer broker companies, and those that remain are optimizing costs, including by reducing the number and expanding the specialization of the remaining specialists.

Alternative: smart people with good education and understanding of financial reporting will always come in handy, for example, in the field of mergers and acquisitions, but there is not enough space for everyone. Another option is a financial analyst within the real sector company. Departure into the real sector is a long trodden path for securities analysts.

Forecast: will be needed no earlier than six months after the stabilization of the situation in the stock market.

4. Specialists in mutual funds

Reason: mutual funds are the most vulnerable investment product offered to the general public. In a falling market, it is simply impossible to increase sales of unit investment funds; accordingly, the maintenance of investment advisers becomes unprofitable for the company. They are among the first to be cut.

Alternative: it is easy for specialists in mutual funds to retrain into client support managers, including in high-tech industries.

Forecast: after a month or two of stable growth in quotations, the demand for mutual funds will surely increase.

5. Social Responsibility Specialists

Reason: people who are engaged in social projects within companies are no longer needed by these companies. Social engagement is certainly not a business priority. Social programs are “goods with a load”. The company’s total costs will be reduced, and this will happen in the first place due to non-priority positions.

Alternative: can do administrative work.

Forecast: they will be needed no sooner than the companies will have free funds again.

6. Real estate brokers

The reason: there are fewer and fewer properties for sale in the primary real estate market. Some brokerage companies have already cut their staff in half.

Alternative: Real estate brokers are good salesmen who can try their hand at selling in another sector.

Forecast: construction in volumes, when again brokers will have where to apply themselves, will begin no earlier than a year after the end of the crisis.

7. Development managers

The reason: specialists who are looking for and attracting new projects, for example, to a construction company – looking for sites for construction, are already on the street. Most developers have suspended their projects, the demand for these specialists has dropped sharply.

Alternative: it will be quite difficult for these specialists to retrain, they can move to retail, where they will also be in demand. Retail companies have development departments that need specialists who will be looking for areas for opening new stores.

Forecast: will be needed a little earlier than real estate brokers.

8. Personnel training specialists

The reason: trainings and refresher courses are no longer affordable for many companies. Specialists who train top management will be especially affected. There are fewer of them in Russia than abroad, but they exist.

Alternative: our training specialists are not needed abroad. Perhaps they will be able to find a place in some educational institutions.

Forecast: will be needed a little earlier than social responsibility specialists. Still, personnel training is more important for companies.

9. Internal PR specialists

The reason: large companies that have such specialists are now little concerned with organizing corporate events for their employees.

Alternative: external PR, advertising.

Forecast: will be needed no earlier than a year after the end of the crisis.

10. Journalists of print media

Reason: Newspapers and magazines cha