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The staff is everything!

Any success of each company is achieved due to the level of professionalism of its personnel.
It should be borne in mind that the selection of highly qualified personnel in the company staff is a laborious process.
It is no secret that this process often fails to achieve its main goal.
Each company tries to hire ready-made specialists with experience so as not to waste extra time on their training.

How it works?

Initially, the customer submits an application to search for the specialist he needs, and also provides the requirements that this person must meet.

To do this, you need to discuss all the nuances with the recruiting manager, who will provide the necessary recommendations and, as soon as possible, will select employees for you who will meet the stated requirements.

Usually we give guarantees that we will find the necessary specialist within a period of 3 days to one and a half months, but as a rule it all depends on the customer’s requirements. If the conditions of a certain legal organization require the applicant to have specific skills, then the process can take up to about 3 months.

Recruiters of the Argument recruiting agency pre-check recommendations from previous employers and former colleagues of the applicant.

The interview is often conducted with several applicants. Based on the results of the interview, a candidate is determined who ideally meets the customer’s requirements

The resume of the applicant that best matches the job request is sent to the contracting company for preliminary review.

If the customer is satisfied with the selected candidate, then the managers of the Argument company arrange a meeting with the customer’s representative to clarify the nuances, conduct an additional interview and sign the corresponding contract.

Recruitment services are pre-negotiated, and on average account for 8 to 12 percent of the average annual income of an employee selected by the company. The payment period can be extended in cases where the customer has individual requirements for the applicant, or when the applicant is selected for the position of a manager.

The candidate, as a rule, is assigned a probationary period, at the time of which the customer company undertakes to pay for recruiting services in a period of 5 to 14 days.

In the event that the applicant has not passed the probationary period, Argument undertakes to replace the employee within a period of 1 to 4 weeks.

Today, quite a few agencies, firms and companies provide consulting services, but we are not afraid of competition. Our managers are always ready to cooperate on your terms, specifying your individual wishes and requirements.

We guarantee that by contacting the Argument company, you can be sure that we will select the necessary specialist for you within the stated time frame.

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Our consulting company “Argument” helps interested candidates to find a job as soon as possible. To do this, they only need to send us their correctly composed resume and wait for our call. All our services aimed at working with potential candidates, up to passing tests, are absolutely free, regardless of the results.